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Orders daily running steps--ZRC

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Orders daily running steps--ZRC

We will start full procedure about orders when received a confirmed order from customers. The steps included quality inspection, packing and shipping.

Production and quality inspection

Production usually includes sewing and hardware process. Our labours take full perfomance of each detail belong to which sector is charge of it. Threads seaming part handle all kind of accessories & fabric seam together jobs. While hardware workshops take all treatment of iron poles cutting / slot / punch/ welding/ triming / surface coating inspection. Daily full production steps in brief.

Step 1.

Housekeepers assign semi-material to seaming workshop/ hardware workshop / package lines.

Step 2.

Seaming department take jobs about fabric coil cutting/ needle locks / extra string cutting

Hardware workshop take jobs of all requirement about metal process and design

Step 3.

Package chief & inspectors work together to full check items or accessories before package.


The process of protectively packing items into appropriate shipping boxes. The packing process also includes weight the packages and labeling them with barcodes. If items are packed in customized packag or plain corrugated shipping boxes, it’s important to prioritize dimensions and weights that can be easily shipment or reach up to competitve shipping cost method.  


We will ship cargos in time listed on contract. Before loading, we will full check again to make sure goods haven't problems(such as label, weight, packing, quantity). We will also follow the situation about the order until it was shipped on board......

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