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Product knowledge & Organization regulations

As the principle “ No given , no return. No creative, no progress. ” That’s a great booster to help us keep on the spirit of “Learn forever till the life is end ”. Our factory organize stuff to take part in some learning courses held by company or office bureau.

Company internal course include sample handcraft instruction and focus points, max production, tech improving, quality inspection...... Aim to improve their skills and establish lubricative workmate relationship, sample and max production meetings or courses must be held weekly , or else monthly.

Sample courses are focus on kind of material / stitching handcraft, usage, max production operation.... etc. Make sure the right sample fixing the purpose and usage according to plan design idea from clients. Max production focus on material preparation and product progress of items making, quality inspection. Office members notify the topic of meeting and ask members being representative of a sector to take part in suitable courses to double check jobs charged by colleagues on hand, let each other get full knowledge about the whole process of production, decreasing mistakes from each other.

Tech courses are setting for stitching and design departments. Product manager held meetings being full charge of the jobs about inspectors / seaming employees, He will display a correct sample to all stitching workers before make this item, describe all focus points and tell them clearly how’s order about one product contain complicate handcraft. Arrange inspectors to check semi-item in time and blind points. Make sure all proceed going smoothly and delivery goods in time. Designer chief organize product function test and sample creation jobs, let inspectors and design assistants get full knowledge to make sure no mistakes about the following jobs about raw material purchasing.

Company internal course like regulations / annual party festival will be under the charge of human resource department. How to lead a new staff get into the company member or arrange someone guided them being suitable for jobs, or else held a meeting for workers to tech them get conscious about how to use maintenance machines.

More information about this kind of courses, welcome to focus on our column “ Company Blog” , we will issue essay for these courses one by one.

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