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Team for orders and internal running
Summary of full steps for orders

Business department present cargo produce documents that listing all kind of information about products (Like dimension/color/ support rods/ package details ), The leader of design department take examination of these documents and double confirm details with sales, then print out specific usage document (we call it order list) ,then pass to purchaser department. Purchaser take full job to follow all raw material or semi-material, make sure it’s the right one and get them in good time reach the purpose of no any influence about max production. Inspectors and designers start their jobs when get information from purchasers and house keepers to take test or inspect jobs. All above mentioned jobs are belong to preparation, Product manager apply for all kind of material & semi-material being reference to order list. Taking follow jobs step by step

Step 1 -- Cut the fabric coil

Cutter manage the machines to cut fabric being according to chart by made by design department,trimming fabric into flat like a sheet. Operate the knife cut

Step 2 -- Stitching cutting sheet together

A product made of several pieces of cloth, it’s necessary to seam the fabric together. At the same time,different handcraft ask for functional machines to carry out. Like needle lock/ zip tag / back tack/ lock stitch..... machines. Threads appear neat and evenly is the key consideration of the tech from a employee

who take this job.

Step 3-- Full check stitch goods

Mainly checking about strings / needle firmly condition / finished dimension / appearance. If inspectors discover leakage of needles or tidy appearance, that must be fixed or remade. Taking full consideration of different items and handcraft, full check jobs are executed by labors at present.

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