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Growth of company & progress & achievement

ZRC Textile Co., Ltd was found in June, 2011 by Smith Chen. At the beginning, He guide 15 employees to produce shoulder bags for sport in a workshop area 300 square meters. Major clients located in china or sell merchandise in local market.

After 4~5 years later, ZRC Company is known by distributors and traders as its quality handcraft. Some trading company start to cooperate with Smith Chen point as a max production factory. accompanied with the team & tech is getting mature & stronger, ZRC factory organized sales team & design department by Joyce Huang in 2020, which a year face challenge and memory year of global peoples’ health threatened by virus.In order to cheer up spirit against depressions and strengthen physical vitality, invest fund into the field of ball sports and body keep fit range.....

We got temporary achievement after hard working during one year, The scale of factory, employees 15 at the beginning increase to 48 in 2021. Area is up to 2000 square meters, Month capacity counts USD 320,000 since May, 2021. Customers group grow up from UK / Germany / UK/Japan /Korea ... etc

Future plan is that stuff increase to 100 , max production are will be increasing to 5000 square meters in future 3~4 years. Any news about factory will be updated in time. Welcome to focus on our “ Company trend”



Company was found.


Became a max production factory.


Sales team & design department was organized.


Employees : 48 Area : 2000 m2 Month capacity : USD 320,000


Stuff,area,and max production will up-grade again in future 3-4 years.