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Cutomers frequently asked questions
Cutomers frequently asked questions 1. Who are you and what’s the main products produced by yourself? We’re a ball sport & body healthyt textile mechandise vendor, Product range include baseball batting net / golf practice net / volleyball net/ soccer goals/ resistant loop bands/ body gym keep f
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Sample creative process
Designers take full consideration of the concept and practical usage about samples, choose suitable kind of fabric and get full idea about its function. Then according to the message given by clients, draw out size charts of each part of accessories...... Take a leaf of seaming textile merchandise,
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ZRC Daily inspection about goods
House keeper create out order inspect list once receive semi-material or raw material, inspectors arrange jobs to check them since get the information form house keeper. For material like fabric coil / webbing / elastic cord is belong to one staff responsibility, the other colleague being charge of
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Semi material type & fabric produce
How’s fabric crearte out & our daily used semi-material Short view scenes of a machine looks like knitting something, Let’s descrip the process of fabric coil that how’s come out. No matter fabric or mesh net must be knitting by machines, slim fiber yarns like your hair stack one by one on a flat su
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Cutting operating procedure
Cutters must have a clear idea about which kind of product is ready to make and take a look of sample at first before do max production. Engineers pass full message and tell detials to cutters for every chart. Common speaking, Regular shape chart like retangular/ round / square is a easy job. Cutte
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