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ZRC Daily inspection about goods

Views: 0     Author: Joyce Huang      Publish Time: 2022-09-22      Origin: Site

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ZRC Produce daily inspection 

House keeper create out order inspect list once receive semi-material or raw material, inspectors arrange jobs to check them since get the information form house keeper. For material like fabric coil / webbing / elastic cord are assigned to one staff take full obligation, the other colleague being charge of iron poles / fiber rods / eyelets... etc hardware accessories. We introduce inspection process of fabric on here in short words. 

Inspector fetch a small fragment from a lot of fabric coil and rip off outer barrier packing stuff to check its appreance-- Are there any phenomenons like dirty or broken , then using microgram electronic pound its weight. Record this data down and compare with the original sample to double check it’s acceptable or not. If it’s quality passed, fabric coil will be sticky a label “ QC passed “ . If it’s unqualified, inspector will tell the purchasor to slove this issue immediately. Of course,  inspector is impossible to check all fabric coil seriously one by one. Taking radom inspection systme  1: 10 or 1: 5 according to the order qty or real sistuation of accessories.  

When the final process of seaming jobs was full complishment, package department will be asssign staffs head by product pack chief  to check items carefully include its threads firm or not, size is accomliance with sample or not, cutting extra needle strings ......

Simple words of inspecting process like below

1) Raw material inspect (include size / appreance / material type)

2) Cutting chart inspect

3) Semi-stitching items checking randomly

4) Package full check  ( include seaming threads/ accessories / weight .....)

Our main matrial contain fabirc coil, fiber rods, iron tubes, webbing , groments, plastic hooks at present, Inspectors among 3~4 is enough during 2021~2022 . Of course, Company organized inspectors take part in pre max production meetings,tech-improving courses held by offical bureau.More inforation about testing method of fabric coil / support poles, welcome to focus on the column about “ Company blog".


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