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Sample creative process

Views: 0     Author: Joyce Huang      Publish Time: 2022-09-28      Origin: Site

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Sample creative main process in brief 

Designers take full consideration of the concept and practical usage about samples, choose suitable kind of fabric and get full idea about its function. Then according to the message given by clients, draw out size charts of each part of accessories...... Take a leaf of seaming textile merchandise, designers calculate correct dimension of each part, then setting these data into computer to print out size charts. Cutters will take next step to cut out fabric sheet, of course, the size and shape is compliance with charts strictly. Designers will do stitching jobs as well as prepare some necessary support rods or small componets to test trial sample at first, double check its function and every detials make sure it’s possible to fit for the purpose of usage and keep good looking.

Sometimes, a small componet is a key point to lead one product is able to achieve hot sale performance. Sometimes, dimension is the key point to improve the looking. Sometimes, raw material is possible to determine its life time and structure. All these three features occur to change. All jobs has to be re-set again and prepare raw material to do again.........

A new sample is possible to make adjustment by twice or forth above ..... Hope clients take patience to communication with our sales team to shorten sample lead time. No worry about the diffiticulty of communication or working experience about our team, We will service you well. ZRC factory given you porfessional ODM or OEM service

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