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Cutting operating procedure

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Introduce the procedure of cutting operated by tailor

Cutters must have a clear idea about which kind of product is ready to make and take a look of sample at first before do max production. Engineers pass full message and tell detials to cutters for every chart & seaming requirement.

Common speaking, Regular shape chart like retangular/ round / square is a easy job. Cutters trim multi layers of sheet into a flat face, enter data into machines memorized cutting quantites and the shape demand, operate knives to cut into small pieces by machines. If cutter met complicate shape of chart, they have to make trial cut pieces among 3~8 sheets. Arrange enginners or skillful tailors make a full sample to double check because of  irregular chart is asked cutters operate machine cut fabric one knife by one knife like you do paper architec at home, taking much more time and requested keep high attention focus on hand job. This is one reason lead some items worth high value. Further more, some kind of fabric is too much soft and satiny lead knives is hard to capture,in that case , fabric coil is arranged to cut at primary using size like square or retangular shape, then cut accurate shape by hand agaist one piece and one piece.

As a factory,preparation job asking for 3~5 days in case of every details of sample is confirmed. Cutting / seaming / package processes work like a runner in a competition game,

not stop and no changable matter. That's the biggest reason to double check samples before max production and have full communication with clients before make a contract.

Maintence job about cutting machines will be arranged to check by machinist monthly, or else, cutter met some problems to fix out when operating , machinist will slove it immediately. Record issue causing by which part of componets either and hand out papers to finance department. Of course, we gather data of a cutter doing how many sheets weekly or monthy. If you want to know more about practice operating about fabric cutting coil tech, welcome to focus on the coloumn “Company trend “,  we will updated more eassy or vedios lead you know much..........

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