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Iron tube process machines

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Iron support rods process hardware machines

Our main products are ball nets,semi-material included fabric, fiberglass poles, metal pipes, and so on. So we have sewing department and hardware department for producing these semi-material. Today let's describe more details about our hardware machines.

This is a video about all kinds of our hardware machines as below :

Robotic welding gun with thru-arm

In an economy where orders are increasing and welding positions are hard to fill, robotic welding can help maintain or increase productivity. This machine has a built-in automatic welding program. In a semi-automatic welding program, labour accounts for about 70 - 85% of the total cost of welding a part. This robotic welding system can reduce that cost and increase throughput by completing the work of 2-4 people at the same time. In addition, our labour must wear protection glasses and cloth during working for protecting from strong light and heat splash.

Punch Press Machine

If a particular type of semi-material is too hard to manually cut, we may use the punch press machine. This large, heavy-duty machine is able to easily cut through hard materials, including metal, leaving behind holes in the same shape as the die set of the punch press. And our labour must wear gloves and use tweezers during working, it's a safety measure for them.

Polisher machine

Some material should be polished to keep the surface and welding cutting position smooth after punch press, cutting, or welding. Our labour must wear protection glasses, gloves and cloth during working too.

Metal cutting machine

Our labour will finish setting from the computer before the cutting machine starts working. Then the machine will cut metal as the setting shape. The water cooling circulation system will start at the same time when the machine starts working, it's also a safety measure for labour.

Our factory can respond to almost requirements from customers because various kinds of industrial machines are available.And we have stock common metal sheet

(thickness: 0.6/0.8/1.0MM) and

Common pipe(dia18*0.6MM/dia22*0.6MM/ dia25*1MM). We are also welcome to customize the size if you want! If you want to know more details about welcome to focus on the column “Company blog”,  we will update more essays or videos lead you to know much..........

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