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Fabric seaming machines --ZRC

Views: 0     Author: Joyce Huang      Publish Time: 2022-10-25      Origin: Site

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Various kinds of fabric seaming machines in ZRC

Our main products are ball nets,semi-material included fabric, fiberglass poles, metal pipes, and so on. So we have sewing department and hardware department for producing these semi-material. Today let's describe more details about our hardware machines.

Eyelet Grommet Machine for Our Zrc Ballnets

Eyelet and grommet are one of our main processes. Many products included eyelets for connecting and assemble such as volleyball/badminton nets, soccer nets. And we can finish this process ourselves in our sewing workshop. Many eyelet/grommet machines are available for producing goods. The machines included all ordinary sizes of dies holder for eyelet and grommet, high-speed motor, red light laser pointer, and so on. Now let’s describe more details about it.

First, we should set the fabric thicknesses and eyelet depth for the machine, so that eyelet will be accuracy fits with fabric after the finish. We may respond to almost requirements of customers about eyelets and grommets.

Second, we should choose the correct top die holder and the bottom die holder to control the size of the eyelet and grommet. The smallest size to biggest size are available, if you want to custom size, you may ask our sales/service staff, then we will discuss it with our technical department.

Last, we will use the red light laser to locate the position of the eyelet on the fabric. When the machine punches down, we will finish one step of production. The machine will cycle this step until the entire product is completed.   


High posted single needle lockstitch sewing machine

In the second part of video, we will see our labour using the high posted sewing machine. labour who use the high posted sewing machine should wear earplugs because we must protect their ears from the noise. It is one of our company rules.And labour should be professional for being sure our products make the customer satisfied, so we will offer pre-job training for labour.


Needle lockstitch sewing machine with computer control

In the video, we will see the computer interface had shown details such as speed, finish time, start time, so that our labour can easily use the machine and know the schedule convenient . And sewing is controlled automatically by computer, our labour just needs to cooperate with the machine, hard to feel tired form this process.

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