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Light And Convenient Professional Football Precision Training Goal Net

【❉ Model ❉】 
【❉ Product dimension ❉】   
【❉ Material ❉】
   210D oxford + bees mesh net
【❉ Package data ❉】
   A set weight 651~660 g
   A set inner box size 51 × 16 × 9 CM
【❉ Trade terms ❉】
   EXW / FOB /CIF 
【❉ Loading port ❉】
   Guangzhou /  Shenzhen  
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Light And Convenient Professional Football Precision Training Goal Net

Football goal nets are an essential piece of any match or training session. They provide a safe and secure barrier for the ball to move through, ensuring that any goals scored remain legitimate. Football training nets are also vital for a team to practice and develop their skills, allowing them to hone their technique and become more confident in their playing ability. Both these types of net have specific uses and should be chosen based on your team’s needs. 

Football goal nets are typically larger and heavier than training nets, allowing them to stand up to tougher shots while still protecting the goal. They are also designed to be waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring that they will last through any weather conditions. Football training nets are generally lighter and easier to move around and are usually made of a mesh material. This makes them ideal for use in drills and warmups, allowing players to practice ball control and shooting without fear of damaging the net. Ultimately, both types of football nets are necessary for a successful match or practice session, so make sure to choose the right style for your team's needs.

soccer rebounder

football target

football net

football goal

【❉ Four Corners ❉】

These top of the range soccer practice target net  have been designed to isolate the four main scoring zones of the goal. Aim for the top and bottom corners to improve your shooting accuracy. Suitable for  individual and team training.

【❉ Quick And Easy To Attach ❉】

Designed with high-strength loop and pin straps which wrap around the goal posts with ease, the professional soccer goal target sheets provide reliable security and shape retention.

【❉ All-weather Mesh Materials ❉】

Made from high quality Air Mesh materials, the pro soccer targets won’t lose their position  during gusts of wind and downpours, providing year round shooting accuracy practice.

【❉ Goal Post Not Included ❉】

The target net is a premium coaching net and the perfect accessory to the Match-Fold Goal.

【❉ Set-piece And Open Play Practice ❉】

Learn how to score from anywhere on the pitch with these versatile target sheets for soccer. Their design makes them suitable for free-kick, penalties, short range and long-range shooting.

Football Net

Football Goal Net

Football Training Net

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