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How to quickly improve children's soccer skills

Views: 0     Author: Joyce Huang      Publish Time: 2022-11-09      Origin: Site

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How to quickly improve children's soccer skills

According to research, 6~12 years old is the best time to develop children's soccer control skills,known as the "golden age" for the development of soccer skills.Once the child's skills has level up,they will use their creativity according to their role in competition.These are the basis for more advanced training.So the teaching of sports techniques should be the first class in the hole  training.

So how to improve children's soccer skills quickly? 

1. Control the speed of ball through the kick and catch being basic on the cruve of balls dribbling. 

Primary and economic training method--- Do some practice and kick the balls face a wall made by bricks or a big enough solid iron sheet.

Some boys love to painting funny goals pics on them to improve their skills of target.  Isn't it improve the fun of balls dribble?  I'm always do it at my childhood. 

图片 7

2.Full usage about movement by a body to catch / pass / dribble balls  

If you think it's getting bored to choose method 1 to play soccer and want to try to do some complicate movements acknowing ball skills, but you still at the trend of  primary learner ,  maybe you'd better to buy a ball helpful trainier--- Ball kick throw band sets 

图片 1-1

 (It could help you use the full part of body to kick and catch balls and do training seperatly.  This item made off soft touch feeling SBR material plus quality elastic band.  Product design for 3# /4# /5#  balls.  I rememeber my first trial experience-- not kick too hard at first due to you don't know the ability of elastic band is able to extend how long unless the ball return back will be quicker. ) 

As a monther, I love to bid this item for 3~6 years old kids being its safer/ helpful/  washable/ lightweight. Much more ball skills improving equipments, welcome to focus on the web "


3.  Senior skills about "Shooting-catching-dribbling-passing-shooting "cyclical exercises.

When you keep football /soccer ball practice above serverl months or have 6~10 courses in training centers, you must want to get full smooth training exercise about full movement. In this case,  the strength of shooting/ curve of ball retun / mature passing skills /  the angle of shooting are all training points. Strong recommend below models 



Ball rebounder to improve ball skills totally, Rebounders structure is consistuted by iron frame to  make sure the net is possible to suffer huge shooting force.  And the net type is belong to hard and weather anti-resistant. If you have full idea to customize a new rebounder, ZRC ball net factory have pro service team to rearch the purpose. 

4. Join in mini games.


Encourage kids to invite friends to go your garden, preparing nuts and fruit like a small party. Guide them group their team like who act as the goalkeeper/ Striker / Center /  defender.  Given them some courses about the rules of a football game. Parents act as coach and tell them which behaviors are correct or wrong. All this steps are bringing kids fall in love soccer / football sports. How to prepare a soccer court in backyard in convenonent & economic method.  Maybe some protable football soccer goals are quite fit for you 


Guide your child join 2V2 or 3V3 games to increase teamwork with other child and you.  More soccer rules funny instructions welcome you look through our essay issue on the column of "Sport news ".

5. Watch soccer games on vedio or live spots

Skills acknowing & smart usage maybe a competition game tell them fully indeed, guide them choose a better TTV programm act as a teacher. Some on live narrators are humor lead you watch games full of emergy. More version shock, take kids watch games on spots!!  Given them expressive memory before age 14.  

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