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How to let you children being fond of soccer

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How to let you children being fond of soccer

Children is big talent to learn everything in their ealier childhood, bring up their interest or lead them get start in a direction , maybe benefit them for whole live, or else, grow up as a healthy athlete......

Prefering TV programm shown soccer game or competition, stay with your children watch a full competition drama. A father or mother descripe the game in funny tone, kids will focuse their 100% concentrate on. They will want to play soccer, you may be thinking to get them started in the game. Great idea--- because apart form being fun to play, soccer is one of the best games for developing kids' physical literacy.

But where should you start? It really depends on the age of your child.

1. Preschoolers ages 3-5 years

If your child is only 3~ 5 years old, it’s actually best to just play at home as parent and child. Preschoolers really don’t need to have uniforms and club affiliations, and in fact, they are generally best avoided at this age as they introdue far more structure than many be healthy for natural exploration and learning (and fun).

You will likely discover that your child is plenety happy just to kick the ball around alone with you. Apart from being developmentally appropriate, it can be great bonding time for you and your child. And you don’t need to be an accomplished player ---- just a willing participant!

By playing one-on-one with your child, they get to touch the ball more, and that’s what they want. It isn’t bad or wrong or selfish of them-- it is a natural feature of normal child development to be “ selfish” at this age. And there are good reasons why nature makes kids that way. Early motor learning reauires lots of repetitve action, and this doesn't happen when your child plays on a team and only touches the ball once every 5 minutes.

How can you play at home or backyard? Strong recommned below models, feature as quick pop-up, easliy fix up, safety, light weight, convenient carrying

Pop-up soccer goals made of memory steel or solid fiber poles, the data of security is up to 90% .  


2. Children ages 5~7 years

This is a delicate age where you really need to know your own child. If they have already been playing at school, or they have developed some basic familiarity with soccer at home, and they are asking to play soccer, then they are more than likely ready to register with your local youth soccer association. However, if they have little or

no experence in soccer, and if they seem especially shy or tentative in a group setting,  it might be best to sign up for an introductory soccer program at a local local community recreation centre.

Recreation programs tend to place farleess emphasis on competition and more emphasis on fun and basic learning for novices. And after your child has explored soccer through a recreation program, they will give you a clear idea of whether or not they want to register at a youth soccer club and continute in the game. Recommned a funny modle soccer goal made by iron poles is able to change dimensions flexibly, playing with elder little freinds as well.

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3. Kids age 7~12 years old

By this age, if your child is expressing interst in soccer, you should look at registering them with your local youth soccer association. In all likelihood, they have played a bit during recess at school, or with friends in the neighourhood, and they have a good idea of what they are getting into. A formal club setting should provide them with quality skills training and a good experience in the sport.

At this stage , children are longer to do more speed and reflex training exercise under a coach. If he want to do improving skills practice at home or backyard, some prooducts like below maybe given them useful help.  Soccer rebounder made by iron frame and nylon net met the weather all year round !

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