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Easy Set Up Soccer Football Shooting Goal Training Equipment

【❉ Model ❉】 
【❉ Product dimension ❉】   
   L180.5 × W128× H70CM
【❉ Material ❉】
   Quality elastic 5 yarns net + 420D durable Oxford+ Thickess 0.8MM flat base + Dia13MM fiber poles
【❉ Package data ❉】
   A set weight 6.5~6.8KG
【❉ Trade terms ❉】
   EXW / FOB /CIF 
【❉ Loading port ❉】
   Guangzhou /  Shenzhen  
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【Quick pop-up】

This portable soccer goal constructure by solid fiber pole and quality plastic connection, revert and pop-up in second. Plus durbale Oxford fabric and strong yarns bee net, make sure the goal in good and smooth playing time.


This model no any assemble or dispatch request, plastic stakes hang on goal as well. No worry about any sharp hardware or harmful stuff to hurt tender skin of little children.

【Soccer anywhere】

Packed in a handbag with lightweight,foldable and portable. Suitable for outdoor/indoor play, such as the backyard and living room. Help your kids get rid of the electronic product temporarily and enjoy more sports fun!

【Gift choice for kids】

If you are looking for a soccer gift for your kids, this would be a suitbale gift! Please note that the ball isn’t included.


The net can be assembled and disassembled them in minutes, letting you soccer anywhere and anytime with the carrying bag.

pop up football net

large size soccer goal

indoor soccer goal

Choosing a Large Size Soccer Goal

Whether you are shopping for a new soccer goal for your backyard, school, or sports complex, there are a few things to consider. First, the goal size is important. Secondly, you want to choose the best soccer goal for your budget. Finally, you want to choose a soccer goal that will last for years to come.

A large size soccer goal is a structure consisting of two upright posts equidistant from each corner. It's joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. It may also have a net. It can be round or square. A good goal should be able to withstand the weather and be strong enough for years of play.The size of the goal is based on the height and width of the goal posts. The goalposts are normally made of metal, wood, or aluminum. They're usually four to five inches in diameter.

The dimensions of the soccer goal may vary by field and field size. For instance, an adult pitch can be 50 yards by 100 yards or 80 yards by 120 yards. Goals are also available in smaller sizes for younger players.In general, the best soccer goal is the one that fits your budget, is easy to assemble, and is durable enough to last for years.

Having a pop up football net in your backyard will allow you to play a game on any type of surface, including grass lawns, sand beaches, and even your own back yard. The fun part is that these goals are easy to fold up and carry around. They are lightweight and compact, and most have a weighted base to help stabilize the structure.

Having a pop up football net will speed up your game, and it also helps remove any doubts about goal scoring. A professional football team needs clear goal scoring, and having a football net in front of your goal can help you to do just that. Using a portable net means that you can practice and train on a daily basis, and use the goal for a casual game in the park.

The most important function of a football net is to keep the ball from sailing, and a properly designed net will catch it. This can be done by dropping the net vertically to the ground, extending it horizontally, and then catching it with a braid or other tying material.

In general, the best football nets are the ones that have a box shaped design, so that they can be supported by two or three posts. This box shaped design is what most top football clubs around the world use.

Having a pop up football goal is a great gift for the kids in your life, and can help you speed up your game.

During the American football game, a field goal is a type of kick that is scored when the ball passes through the goalposts. Field goals are usually scored when the ball is close to the opponent's goal line. Usually, a field goal is scored when the offense is within a few yards of the opponent's end zone and there is time remaining.

Field goals can be place kicked or drop kicked. In most leagues, a successful field goal is worth three points. However, in some leagues, a successful field goal is also worth an extra point. In other leagues, a successful field goal is usually worth six points.

In high school, field goal posts are about 24 feet apart, whereas in professional football, the range is about 45 yards. At professional level, goal posts are sometimes equipped with a video camera mounted behind the center of the crossbar.

A successful field goal may be the only way to tie or win a game. A successful field goal can end an overtime game. However, most teams choose to opt out of long field goals.

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