• How to let you children being fond of soccer
    September 02, 2021 How to let you children being fond of soccer
    Children is big talent to learn everything in their ealier childhood, bring up their interest or lead them get start in a direction , maybe benefit them for whole live, or else, grow up as a healthy athlete...... Prefering TV programm shown soccer game or competition, stay with your children watch a full competition drama. A father or mother descripe the game in funny tone, kids will focuse their 100% concentrate on. They will want to play soccer, you may be thinking to get them started in the game. Great idea--- because apart form being fun to play, soccer is one of the best games for developing kids’ physical literacy. But where should you start? It really depends on the age of your child. 1. Preschoolers ages 3-5 years If your child is only 3~ 5 years old, it’s actually best to just play at home as parent and child. Preschoolers really don’t need to have uniforms and club affiliations, and in fact, they are generally best avoided at this age as they introdue far more structure than many be healthy for natural exploration and learning (and fun). You will likely discover that your child is plenety happy just to kick the ball around alone with you. Apart from being developmentally appropriate, it can be great bonding time for you and your child. And you don’t need to be an accomplished player ---- just a willing participant! By playing one-on-one with your child, they get to touch the ball more, and that’s what they want. It isn’t bad or wrong or selfish of them-- it is a natural feature of normal child development to be “ selfish” at this age. And there are good reasons why nature makes kids that way. Early motor learning reauires lots of repetitve action, and this doesn’t happen when your child plays on a team and only touches the ball once every 5 minutes. How can you play at home or backyard? Strong recommned below models, feature as quick pop-up, easliy fix up, safety, light weight, convenient carrying 2. Children ages 5~7 years This is a delicate age where you really need to know your own child. If they have already been playing At school, or they have developed some basic familiarity with soccer at home, and they are asking to play soccer, then they are more than likely ready to register with your local youth soccer association. However, if they have little or no experence in soccer, and if they seem especially shy or tentative in a group setting,  it might be best to sign up for an introductory soccer program at a local community recreation centre. Recreation programs tend to place farleess emphasis on competition and more emphasis on fun and basic learning for novices. And after your child has explored soccer through a recreation program, they will give you a clear idea of whether or not they want to register at a youth soccer club and continute in the game. Recommned a funny modle soccer goal made by iron poles is able to change dimensions flexibly, playing with elder little freinds as well 3. Kids age 7~12 years old By this a...
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  • How to improve golf playing skills The best ways to improve your golf game
    September 18, 2021 How to improve golf playing skills The best ways to improve your golf game
    All golf enthusiasts know that they are never done perfecting their drives, putts, chips or  any other swing in their game. Here are eight tips to lower your scores and improve your golf game. 1.Set goals If you want to improve your golf game, the first thing you should do is set goals for yourself-- both short term and long term. This will help you pinpoint exactly what parts of your game you want to work on. Take the time to write down specific, measureable goals. No missed fairways off the tee, hit 80% of greens in regulation, only two three-putt holes per round, break 90, 85 and 80. Overtime, you will be able to look back at them and see just how far you’ve come. 2. Get Fitted Having the proper equipment can significantly impact your game. Maybe you need a stiffer shaft, more loft on your wedges, or softer golf ball to help stick approach shots on firmer greens. Getting fitted for proper golf clubs and balls can enhance your swing. Take advantage of what your home club has to offer. Many of the top equipment companies provide demo days for their members, and their staff can help you discover all the amazing advancements in golf equipment technology. Keep in mind significant technology improvements in equipment usually only happen after a five year period. If you visit a professional fitter, you will discuss your different swings, unique playing style,and get measured to determine the right golf clubs for you. Oftentimes, this simple fix can make even your most challenging shots a bit easier. It may even take a few strokes off your score! 3. Experiment with your swing Many times, golfers get so caught up in a single approach trying to perfect their swing that they forget to try other techniques. Don’t be afraid to try something new with some of your golf shots, and consider scheduling a lesson with a golf professional at your club. A simple adjustment on how you bring the club back (your takeaway) can significantly improve distance and accuracy. Ultimately, making slight tweaks to your current swing may feel more comfortable and improve your overall game in the end (even if it feels a bit Awkward at first). 4. Swing more Ben Hogan once said, “ The secret is in the dirt. “ So what did golf’s all-time ball striker mean? Simple... practice, practice , and more practice. With golf, you can do this by trying new drills that focus on increasing the number of shots you take. A great drill to try is “the worst ball drill.” Here, you set up a scenario, hit two balls, and play the next stroke from the “worst”one. Sometimes, it can be diffcult to find time to make it out to the golf course or driving range as often as the game demands. When this is the case, do your best to practice your swing at home.Find an open area and take 100 practice swings a day. Not only will this improve your technique. But it will also make you stronger and improve your overall endurance. Many of the top professionals in the game use a heavy weighted club when warming up,...
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  • Golf in the Olympic games -Golf sport history and score rule
    September 23, 2021 Golf in the Olympic games -Golf sport history and score rule
    Golf in the Olympic games Golf sport history and score rule Two meetings -- staged almost a century apart -- have each played significant roles in establishing golf’s Olympic Credentials. It was on May 27, 1899, that the Organizing Committee for the 1900 Games included golf in the list of sports to be featured on the programs for the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900. Fast forward 90 years to October 9, 2009, in Copenhagen. At the 121st IOC session in the beautiful Danish city, golf was finally reinstated to the summer Olympics, initially for Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020.  Fity- seven years after having organised the Olympic games, the Japanese capital will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time from 23 July to 8 August 2021, The Games in 1964 radically transformed the country, According to the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the games of the XXXII Olympiad of the modern era will be “the most innovative ever organised, and will rest on three fundamental principles to transform the world : striving for your personal best (achieving your personal best); accepting one another (unity in diversity) ;  and passing on a legacy for the future ( connecting to tomorrow )”. Olympic games held in July to August in 2021 due to great influence by covid virus,delayed one year, but the passionate and enthusiasm not fade. Have you watched competition games? Let’s take a look of the rules about --- Olympic Golf Competition Format The golf competition consists of a 72- hole individual stroke play for both men and women (four rounds scheduled over four (4) consecutive days. Scores are cumulative from round to round. The player with the lowest aggregate score wins. The men’s event will be staged from July 29 to August 1 and the women’s event from August - August 7, 2021. For all rounds, the intention is to play in groups of three athletes. Depending on the final competition schedule and pending confirmation from the Olympic Broadcasting Services groups will start wither form the tee 1 only or from both the tee 10. Such determination will be made well in advance of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.However, due to weather or other unforeseen circumstance, play could be in groups of two or three athletes and/ or starting on the first and tenth tees for any or all of the competition rounds. For rounds 1 and 2,  groupings will be published two days before the start of each respective event. For Rounds 3 and 4, groupings will be done according to cumulative score at the end of the previous round, With the leaders (lowest cumulative scores ) teeing off last.The lowest finishers at the end of such rounds will be grouped together. The remainder of the field will likewise be grouped in a similar sequence.
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  • 4 Reasons Why Your child Should Play Sports
    November 06, 2021 4 Reasons Why Your child Should Play Sports
    4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports As we know , life lies in movement. Sports is important part of your life,so as your child.Taking part in sports can keep you and your child both physically and mentally fit. It is very important for children. Here are 4 reasons why your child should play sports. To gain the origin fun from sports Your child can gain the origin fun from sports, and the cell phone can't.We suggest that you drive your child to the outside ,and start play games about sports ,such as football basketball and etc. During playing you can teach your child how the games work .Then you will find that your child start to have fun in sports.And this fun is different from the fun in digital equipment(cell phone ,pads,computer) , your body and heart will be satisfied.These experiences will help them to solve their problem in their life and deal with different challenge. Promote children to pursue a positive life As we know that physical activities work like therapy, which helps reduce anxiety and depression. As a matter of fact, following a healthy and active lifestyle is an ideal way of leading a happy life. Let your child learn teamwork from sports. Teamwork is a necessary skills you should teach your child. To join in sports allow your child to communicate with his team mate and become friends .It is a fast way to develop your child’s ability about teamwork , and help them to play their roles in games , study ,family ,friendship and many other ways. Improve physical fitness Here is the last reason why your child should play sports. Now, a large numbers of children are becoming fatter and sub-health, because they lack of exercise and play outside instead of touching their pads phones to have fun form Internet. Playing sports help your child building strong body, getting away form diseases ,and cutting down their weight. Take it easy and have fun in sports! For viewing products about sports ,please click our website : https://www.zrcballnet.com/ And our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wgqBLDKuc00pbYpQyv4_w
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  • The Benefits of Golf You Should Know
    November 12, 2021 The Benefits of Golf You Should Know
    The Benefits of Golf You Should Know Golf is a growing global sport in the world, and it is one of sports which allows anybody play with anyone . Although some people think that golf is played for older and over weight people now ,but it is becoming more and more famous in the world. And now golf equipment is not only played for outdoor , but also indoor or backyard. Pop up golf nets , foldable nets are sold in Amazon and golf equipment shop all year around. Therefore, we can played golf more  convenient than before. Golf can offer many benefits for you,too. Here is the benefit of golf sports . Many other sports will let you have to workout every day like the athlete , but golf is not. You can just enjoy golf games with others.golf is a very funny game ,it is worthy of your trying . And it's one way to relax when you are available indoor or outdoor. In the game ,no one will get angry and upset when anyone may make a bad shot or nor hit on the plane.Because it always happens between beginners and amateurs even careers. So you can just enjoy and feel free in the playing time. Golf is a fun game to grow with and enjoy in life. The benefits are plentiful, and likable. It's a good way to get out and to relax for a day out of the house. You may hit a bad shot during the round, but it happens all the time. After the round, no one walks away angry and upset about how they played. The ones that do this for a living aren't even mad because they get to play golf as a career. Golf is a game that is growing, and needs everybody to help it grow as well. And it is a great way to help you keep fit or weight loose without heavy exercise and being tired tomorrow. For example , a complete game will cost 4 hours , a male will burn 2000-2500 cal and a female will burn 1000-1500 cal. Golf also can help you keep mental and body health without any high risk action. You may feel tired in the next day after a football or basketball game , and You even may get injured in the football basketball or baseball game ,but golf don't . As we know ,golf is growing and becoming famous in the world , and needs more people to join in and help it grow too! Take it easy and have fun in golf ! For viewing golf hitting nets , chipping nets ,please click our website : https://www.zrcballnet.com/ And our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wgqBLDKuc00pbYpQyv4_w
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