Fabric knitting Machine Sep 08, 2021

Hows fabric create out & our daily used semi-material

Short view scenes of a machine looks like knitting something, Lets describe the process of fabric coil that hows come out.

No matter fabric or mesh net must be knitting by machines, slim fiber yarns like your hair stack one by one on a flat surface, transmit by rolling rotor lead it getting heat and evenly, the center of knitting sensor run busy to make fibers sticky and come together. That lead a first view see a sheet of fabric at first step, fabric become a flat sheet through passing transmitter. Move to next step, Chemical pigments pour put evenly to color fabric setting two round circles. Of course, operators have to check this process in case of machine is running. Then coloring fabric will be setting to collect by big container. Employees continue to operate wet fabric fill into a big dehydrator lead wet fabric take off plenty water like you do laundry at home using home appliance washing machine. Keep on next step, employees hang slightly wet fabric on the entrance of dry machine to lead fabric dry, dry machines program dry fabric out using the heat and wind rotating by rollers. Summarize into simple words, Fibers come into fabric is necessary to process three steps (Knitting ---- coloring-- water dry)

Maybe you dont feel interested in fabric knitting looks like noodles, want to know more about which kind of net is belong to our daily material.

Ball playing nets-- A. elastic 5 yarns 1.75” net -- polyester

B. Elastic 3 yarns 1.25” net -- polyester

C. Strong yarns of hexagon holes mesh-- polyester

Fabric--Durable oxford 420D / 210D

Comfortable touching feeling webbing

Compound mixture Lycra

Anti-tear 210T / 190T

Support rods--- Fiber rods 3MM ~ 13MM

Iron tube 11*0.8MM /12*0.8MM / 13*0.8MM / 24*1MM

Different net or fabric match for different rods or design idea, comes out so many kind of items. If you want to know more about acknowledge of fabric is how to make out, you should search Key word fabric making machine on Yutube. Or else, you could keep on the column Company trend, we will updated more useful message about kind of fabric, stitching skills, max production introduce.......

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