• Various kinds of industrial hardware machines in ZRC
    December 05, 2021 Various kinds of industrial hardware machines in ZRC
    Main products include varitied textile items using for ball sports, such as rebound net, baseball net,hockey net... Our major semi-material are classified into fabric, fiber poles, metal pipes and so on. So our factory establish different workshops and seperated processing factory to manufacture diddetnet parts. Today let's introduce hardware treatment craft in brief. This is a video about display some processing scenes Robotic welding gun with thru-arm In an economy and efficiency modern era,  many factories improve handcraft to accelerate working seed instead of traditional man made craft. Auto machines are used widely in hardware machines now, while Robotic welding equipment are the best helper of all kind of welding jobs. The part of heat welding looking smooth, flat and combine firmly too. One more point is that this kind of machine is eaqual 3~4 men output within same hours. Do you think its operation complicate? Not all for different products. Some toolings are prepared to fix welding rods  between the distance that thru arm is able to reach. Workers are in charge of operate the timing of welding by remote control.  How to operate the control and get the right timing of welding, that's a tech job to train a worker. Our factory will arrange a team charger to teach new comer till he could finish this kind of job.  Of course , this job is very harmful for eyes and skins if employees without guard cloths and eye shileds. Pro jobs done by techical men is the perfect describe in this field. Punch Extend Press Machine As a max production factory of harware accessories,  punch machines are belong to common type. But our factory own large punch capacity euipment 5 sets to handle large size of bottom sheet once match toolings. These kind of machines is easy to operate once your feets and hands is flexbile. Of course the employees must be wear protect cloths and use tweezers to reduce the risk of hand puch into blur. Polisher by hand How to say this kind of process, most of metal rods are welding by auto robotics but not for all items. Some design of frame is uique asking for welding by hand. To handle this case,  polish by hand is neccessary. Some pipes are asking to stain surface before welding too. Moreover,  most of welding frame belong to large size  and shape different. Maybe one day, you will be our partner contact with us to update this kind of process. Long pipe Metal dividing machine Some products are made by strong frame, this part of jobs must be asking for semi-material cutting.  Our factory purchse the right pipes to cut into the perfect dimension setting by enginners. You could see the turbine work like wheels transmit by engine to create out big tear force to cut hard pipes. Maybe you see the worker stand beside machines looks quite simply,but she has to stare the slot part of pipes is cutting smooth or not. If not , she has to stop the running machines immediately and apply for m...
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  • Eyelet grommet machine for our Zrc ballnets
    December 30, 2021 Eyelet grommet machine for our Zrc ballnets
    Many type of items requested grommets punch into fabric to reach up the purpose hanging or amssembling function.  Take some leaves of items   volleyball/badminton nets, soccer nets.  And our factory finish this kind of job in sewing workshop using small machines,  let's see it how to work.  First, Operator make adjustment of machine according to the thickinesss cloth, choosing right dies install into the part of tooling alternative area. There are so many different dimension gromnets in market, product will be choosen the right one to fix on fabric firmly. If cloth is thick, groments has to be using a depth type. if the gromnets diameter is large, dies is neccessary to be change or customize a new pair.    Second, foot place on the pedal affter double check dies are well preparation. Fetch the downer eyelet place on die mould, small hole hollowed fabric lay on the top. Your foot is still on the pedal but not strample with any powder.  Last, place the topper eyelet washer, then strample the pedal. Groments will be combined firmly by the force of punch. Operation seems very simply,  a bit fun for one trial.       Maybe you will ask how to check gromments punch on cloth surface is firm, normally speaking, the heating of punch machine stain on cloth is enough to lead it affix on surface. Machine working system is quite like the hardware machines,but there's quite not a bit of risk compare with big puch hardware machines.  More handcraft introduce ,  welcome to focus on the column “Company trend “ And our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wgqBLDKuc00pbYpQyv4_w , we will updated more essay or videos lead you know much..........
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  • 2 kinds of industrial sewing machines
    January 04, 2022 2 kinds of industrial sewing machines
    2 kinds of industrial sewing machines Our main products contain ball nets such as soccer goal net, golf net, volleyball net ... Semi-material included varitety type of fabric, fiberglass poles ,metal pipes and so on. So our factory consistuted by sewing workshops and hardware department for full max production. Today let's describe more details about our sewing machines. Video about two kinds of sewing machines as below : Needle lock stitching Machine with computer control You could see funny scene in the video , the shape and size of thread seaming draw shown on the computer. Workers stitching line is accroding to the data setting on computer strictly, we will see the computer shown threads which part is done, which part is doing now, very conveninent. Computer machine will record down details like the denisty of threads/  time/  amount and the stitching shape is able to change flexible.  Once operator enter programm and setting the shape, sewing machine will be guid worker to finish every sewing process to make sure threads evently &  clean. In this way, workers love to use this type of machine becasue of it's simple and efficiently.  And company save time to train employees get skills in short time.  But not all stitching procedures are finished by computer control machines, some complicate edges wrapping jobs is neccessary to be done by experience employees. Next move to the second lock machine High posted sewing machine What a skillful worker she is !  Her hands and full concentrate on needle locking jobs is very excellent even thoug we photo her movement being up to serveral minutes.  Maybe you want to ask why not she wear earplugs, because locking machines in high speed running  accompained with noise. While sitching jobs must be full concentrate on the line of threads even though the workshop is full of vocie and intresting stuff.   Light music or no voice is the better medicine for workers keep the spirit of whole day. When I can finish this jobs like her? Maybe 3 years or 5 years above .  Every procedure request for the right person to complish. Our company held meetings or training course monthly to bring up new commers get skills in short time. How about our team of needle lock ? Experience 10 years staff  25 Stitching work 4~5 years  staff  20 New commers  1~2 years staff   15~ 20 Our factory have been established excellent management and training system to grow up needle lock staff being up to  100 in future 3 years.  More updated information about Human resourse , welcome to focus on the column “Company trend” And our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wgqBLDKuc00pbYpQyv4_w ,  we will updated more essay or videos lead you know much..........
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  • Daily inspection about textile production
    September 03, 2021 Daily inspection about textile production
    Textile goods Brief introduce the whole steps of inspection during max production House keeper create out order inspect list once receive semi-material or raw material, inspectors arrange jobs to check them since get the information form house keeper. For material like fabric coil / webbing / elastic cord is belong to one staff responsibility, the other colleague being charge of iron poles / fiber rods / eyelets... etc hardware accessories. We introduce inspection process of fabric on here this time. Inspector fetch a small fragment from a lot of fabric coil and rip off outer barrier packing stuff to check its  appearance exit dirty or broken phenomenon or not , then using micro-gram electronic pound to weight its real pound. Then record this data down and compare with the sample to double check it’s acceptable or not. If it’s quality passed, fabric coil will be sticky a label “ QC passed “ . If it’s unqualified, inspector will tell the purchaser to solve this issue immediately. Of course,  inspector is impossible to check all fabric coil seriously one needle by one needle. That’s why a inspector have to check cut sheet and semi-stitching items randomly during the process of cut fabric coil into small charts or seaming sheets to be a finished item. When the final process of seaming jobs was full accomplishment, package department will be assign colleagues to check items carefully include its threads firm or not, size is same as sample or not, cutting extra needle strings ...... Simple words of inspecting process like below 1) Raw material inspect (include size / appearance / material type) 2) Cutting chart inspect 3) Semi-stitching items checking randomly 4) Package full check  ( include seaming threads/ accessories / weight .....) Our main material contain fabric coil, fiber rods, iron tubes, webbing , grommets, plastic hooks at present, Inspectors among 3~4 is enough during 2021~2022 . Of course, Company organized inspectors take part in prepared max production meetings,tech-improving courses held by office bureau.More information about testing method of fabric coil / support poles, welcome to focus on the column about “ Company trend” , While some new inspecting method issue by office bureau will be posted on the column of “ Latest news”.
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  •  Shipping procedure in ZRC
    January 10, 2022 Shipping procedure in ZRC
    Short introduce prepared jobs before shipping in ZRC When an order is close the time of finished, the charger of pacakge department informs business sector to prepare the shipment like vessel booking / douments preparation to interal departments...... Warehouse keeper arrange the loading being according to packing list & ship infor papers. Some routine jobs like qty and model double check/ outer cartons appreance inspeaction/ spare parts preparation...... All this kind of jobs are done, containers or vans are arrived at factory on time to let porters do following jobs. House keeper keep on eyes of cargos to make sure cargos is the the right model to be fillled in containers and doing records in time. Take an example of this kind of jobs like below vedio After take a look of it, Maybe you want to ask 1)  Do your comapny organize a loading team for shipment? Yes,  One house keeper,  Two porters.  One clerk is in charge of vessel booking. Sales manager is the head charger of shippment details. 2)  Do your company is able to update shipping information to clients under terms of EXW/ FOB/ CIF Yes, Sales will be follow all this and update booking / loading / vessel doucments / vessel arrived date / cargos fetch information in time. 3) How could I know the cargos are well package before finish the loading. Sales keep full obligation on their orders and picture down the scence of loading, given you spare parts accroding to a certain ratio.  Especially for some phenomehons outer ctns are damage during international transport. We will update more funny loading vedios in coming months,  welcome to focus on the column “Company trend”, And our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wgqBLDKuc00pbYpQyv4_w ,  we will update more essays or videos lead you to know much..........
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