2 kinds of industrial sewing machines Jan 04, 2022

2 kinds of industrial sewing machines

Our main products contain ball nets such as soccer goal net, golf net, volleyball net ... Semi-material included varitety type of fabric, fiberglass poles ,metal pipes and so on. So our factory consistuted by sewing workshops and hardware department for full max production. Today let's describe more details about our sewing machines.

Video about two kinds of sewing machines as below :

Needle lock stitching Machine with computer control

You could see funny scene in the video , the shape and size of thread seaming draw shown on the computer. Workers stitching line is accroding to the data setting on computer strictly, we will see the computer shown threads which part is done, which part is doing now, very conveninent. Computer machine will record down details like the denisty of threads/  time/  amount and the stitching shape is able to change flexible.  Once operator enter programm and setting the shape, sewing machine will be guid worker to finish every sewing process to make sure threads evently &  clean.

In this way, workers love to use this type of machine becasue of it's simple and efficiently.  And company save time to train employees get skills in short time.  But not all stitching procedures are finished by computer control machines, some complicate edges wrapping jobs is neccessary to be done by experience employees. Next move to the second lock machine

High posted sewing machine

What a skillful worker she is !  Her hands and full concentrate on needle locking jobs is very excellent even thoug we photo her movement being up to serveral minutes.  Maybe you want to ask why not she wear earplugs, because locking machines in high speed running  accompained with noise. While sitching jobs must be full concentrate on the line of threads even though the workshop is full of vocie and intresting stuff.   Light music or no voice is the better medicine for workers keep the spirit of whole day.

When I can finish this jobs like her? Maybe 3 years or 5 years above .  Every procedure request for the right person to complish. Our company held meetings or training course monthly to bring up new commers get skills in short time.

How about our team of needle lock ?

Experience 10 years staff  25

Stitching work 4~5 years  staff  20

New commers  1~2 years staff   15~ 20

Our factory have been established excellent management and training system to grow up needle lock staff being up to  100 in future 3 years.  More updated information about Human resourse , welcome to focus on the column Company trend

And our YouTube channel :


,  we will updated more essay or videos lead you know much..........

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